• Resyi A. Gani Primary School Teaching Programme, Teachers School
  • Rini Sri Indriani Classroom Teaching Program, Teacher Training School
  • Nur Hikmah Teacher Training Program in Primary Teachers School
Keywords: poetry writing skills, audio-visual medium, penana


Interactive learning environment allows students to control their own pace of learning using audiovisual media, follow a coherent, controlled sequence, and reinforce user responses as quickly and as often as possible . You can improve your poetry writing skills. The study was conducted on 25 November 2022 with a total of 24 researchers from two VA PGSD FKIP UNPAK class subjects. 23 males, 23 females, 2021/2022 one year. The researchers processed the results using descriptive statistics. The following summary is based on Banana's research on the evaluation of poetry writing using audiovisual media . Writing a poem in a good Android-based Pena app earns 57 points for a good measure, while publishing a poem in an Android-based Pena app earns 52 points for a good measure. Summary results of the evaluation of the use of banana audiovisual media in poetry writing skills for indicators Relevance of material The standard followed by 100% of the students was very good. The length of the audio-visual poem is 100% based on the allotted time (up to 30 minutes) so the benchmarks are very good. Audiovisual Beauty and Banana poetry are rated 75%, which is very good quality. The results showed that 90% of the poems published on social media were received. Very good standards.


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