• Samuel Fery Purba Indonesia Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)
  • Mentari Wahyuningsi Universitas Trisakti
Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, GRDP, Sustainable Development Index


The concept of sustainable development is able to unite economic, social and environmental dimensions without sacrificing any of these dimensions. The eighth sustainable development goal are an indicator for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as dignified, productive, and comprehensive work. The goal of this study was to examine the correlation between the conditions of the eighth sustainable development goal indicator and the Bali province's sustainable development index (SDI). This quantitative research uses secondary data obtained from BPS and The Ministry of Finance for the 2017-2021 period, which is analyzed using the panel data regression method. Annual data on indicators or variables such as per capita GRDP growth rate, unemployment rate, labor force participation rate, own-source revenue growth rate, MSMEs growth rate, and sustainable development index in Bali Province. The results of this study indicate that the eighth sustainable development goal indicators have no positive and insignificant effect on the sustainable development index in the Province of Bali. Bali's sustainable development index did not meet the indicator for the eighth Sustainable Development Goal. The new sustainable development policy must be properly implemented by The Bali Provincial Government in order to achieve economic development that is not only on a macro scale but also on a small and medium scale that works smoothly and is sustainable. The government must provide a documented and associated index value in sustainable development that serves as an indicator of a development's future viability.


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