“TRIWIDA” JAVA LITERATURE COMMUNITY (Sociological Exploration of Local-Based Indonesian Literary Community)

“TRIWIDA” JAVA LITERATURE COMMUNITY (Sociological Exploration of Local-Based Indonesian Literary Community)

  • Pana Pramulia Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
  • M. Shoim Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Keywords: Javanese Literary Community, Sociocultural, History of Indonesian Literature, Triwida Community


The contemporary history of the literary community is ongoing history. The perpetrators and witnesses of history are generally still alive. East Java as the largest population province on Java Island has various literary communities that have become part of the history of Indonesian literature. The history of the literary community in East Java needs to be put forward so that the flow of literary history is not dominated by information from the center of Indonesia (Jakarta). Of the various literary communities in East Java, there are Javanese-based literary communities, commonly known as Javanese literary communities. They are Sanggar Triwida (Tulungagung), Sanggar Pamarsudi Sastra Jawi (Bojonegoro), Paguyuban Pengarang Sastra Jawa Surabaya/PPSJS (Surabaya). The present research focused on one of the Javanese literary communities, namely Sanggar Triwida (Tulungagung). It is due to the fact that this community has many members, not only in Tulungagung but also in several regencies in East Java. This research is expected to be useful for exploring materials for Local-based Indonesian Literary History and Sociology of Literature courses. This qualitative research, which is under the umbrella of sociocultural studies, aims to obtain an in-depth description of the organization, the social status of the members, the work of the members, and contributions to aspects of literacy in society.


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