• Mas Subagyo Eko Prasetyo National University
  • Siti Mastoah National University
Keywords: law, public policy, environmental justice


Law and public policy are likened to two sides of a coin that cannot be separated. Therefore, law and public policy have a role in environmental management. Such management is a basic need for all people who are physically in a changing environment, in the sense that the quality of the environment continues to decline. This condition requires the participation of the community to be something absolute in the framework of creating a healthy living environment. Thus, there is an error regarding the role of the state in environmental issues, namely viewing the role of the state solely as the delivery of information (public information), counseling, and even just a public relations tool so that these activities can run without obstacles. This study aims to analyze the law and public policy on the environment that can create environmental justice. This qualitative research method is carried out using the type of synchronization research that examines the synchronization of the upper and lower laws and regulations. The results of this study describe the role of the state in planning to evaluating environmental management as a principle of compliance to create environmental justice.


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