• Anak Agung Gede Bagus Dwijendra University
Keywords: Communication strategy, promotion mix, marketing


Intense competition in product marketing, the difficulty of building a market, the high cost of promotion, requires an appropriate strategy in informing the company's products to consumers. The form of promotion is an activity that needs to be carried out as a marketing communication activity which will be able to realize customer loyalty. The problem formulated in this study is how to determine various promotional tools (Tools Of Promotion) in the form of a promotion mix through determining the right marketing communication strategy. The conceptual foundation in this study uses several concepts related to the communication mix related to marketing communication strategies. The research method is determined using descriptive analysis through literature studies by taking references from various sources. The results of the research were analyzed through several model approaches, AIDA, Hierarchy Of Effect Model, and the DAGMAR Model approach, which are oriented towards promotion objectives. The conclusion of the study, the establishment of a communication strategy through promotional mix is an activity that is not usually avoided for product marketing


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