• Ni Made Adi Novayanti Dwijendra University
  • Febriani Noviyanti Abor Dwijendra University
Keywords: Persuasive Communication, customer service


The Central Kuta Money Exchange Private Company is one of the companies engaged in foreign currency exchange. The Central Kuta Money Exchange Company conducts buying and selling foreign currencies transaction as one of the primary needs carried out by customers who come from abroad and domestically. In this case, the employees certainly need a strategy in providing services for customers to make transactions. One of the strategies used is persuasive communication strategy. The strategy and persuasive communication skill of the communicator determine whether or not the communicant succeeds to be influenced. Therefore, communicators were expected to have an effective strategy to realize the goals to be achieved. In this research entitled “Employees’ Persuasive Communication Strategies in Providing Services to Customers (Case Study: Private Company of Central Kuta Money Exchange)”, aimed at investigating how the persuasive communication strategy carried out by employees of Central Kuta Money Exchange Private Company in providing services to customers. This research used a qualitative approach, with the research subjects were employees who were directly involved with customers in conducting foreign exchange buying and selling transactions.

The data were collected by using a questionnaire technique, that was asking questions to respondents via google form. This research used a qualitative descriptive analysis technique in analyzing the data. Based on the analysis results, it could be seen that the persuasive communication strategy carried out by employees had been carried out quite well. Employees realize the importance of persuasive communication strategies in providing services to customers. This could be proven by the results of the respondents' 2 answers to the questionnaires distributed based on the objective clarity indicators, persuasion targets and strategies used.


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