• Ida Ayu Candrika Dewi Universitas Dwijendra
Keywords: Salt Farmers, Marketing potential


Tourism development, especially in Bali, is based on three elements. These three elements are society (people), nature, and culture. Klungkung Regency is one of the regencies where most of

the population works in the agricultural sector. Judging from the geographical conditions of Klungkung Regency which has an archipelago area, Klungkung Regency has potential in developing the salt business. The reality on the ground is that Klungkung Regency, which has a processing center as a salt user, still depends on salt supplies from outside Bali. The problem of not optimal salt production by salt farmers is as follows: the entry of salt supplies from outside at low prices so that traditional salt farmers in Kusamba Village feel pressured and cannot determine the selling price, inadequate income so that it is not sufficient for needs due to work in the agricultural sector This salt is very dependent on weather conditions. The potential that can be seen from this research are: a) product quality, b) product marketing, c) business profits and d) product competitiveness. The conclusions drawn are the potential of the salt farmers in Kusamba Village: (a) The color quality of the salt produced is white, clean, in terms of taste it is also not bitter, the texture of the salt is small and smooth, clean from dust, (b) In simple terms, the packaging of salt products is still less attractive so that product marketing is less attractive to consumers, (c) The business profits obtained by salt farmers are mostly only used for consumption and only enough for their daily needs but for education and savings they can only set aside a little (d) Salt production in Kusamba Village has not been able to export yet but is still able to compete in its own area. Suggestions taken by salt farmers must develop a salt production business so that it has high competitiveness and to provide opportunities to become an export commodity, improve the quality of packaging, develop product marketing and the need for institutions to organize farmers.


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