• I Nengah Sudiarta Universitas Dwijendra
  • Yohanis Mori Uma Universitas Dwijendra
Keywords: pasola, customary leader, cultural preservation


The background of this research is the shift in the culture of the Indonesian nation which has changed towards a modernization culture so that if it is not preserved it will be forgotten by the younger generation as successors. The aim of the study was to determine the role of the traditional leader in preserving the traditional Pasola in Lahi Galang Village, Wanukaka District, West Sumba Regency and to find out the obstacles in preserving the Pasola in Lahi Galang Village, Wanukaka District, West Sumba Regency? The results of the study show that the customary head has a very important role in people's lives. In preserving pasola it has a role to be able to convey to the younger generation, especially in the village of Lahi Galang, to be able to learn and know the customary procedures contained in the village of Lahi Galang which are related to the title of pasola so that it can be preserved for generations. Obstacles to preservation are: 1) The lack of enthusiasm of the younger generation as the nation's successors to be involved in the implementation of the pasola ritual. 2) There is a shift in the perception of the younger generation because they have absorbed educational knowledge so they don't want to become traditional leaders. 3) There are demands from the state that every Indonesian nation must have a religion according to the 6 religions recognized in Indonesia, while a rato or traditional leader must have animistic beliefs (worship of ancestral spirits) so that it will be difficult for the younger generation to carry out duties as rato.


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