• I Ketut Siandana Sian D‟Sain Konsultan Arsitektur


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a challenging era at once as a chance for the architectural world. The architects are obligated to be able to catch the chance and to adapt their profession on the digital and cyber era if their identity still exists. The study is qualitative research with interpretative descriptive approach. The relationship theory of Michel Foucault’s power-discipline becomes the analysis base on the primary and secondary data. The research result shows that the creativity and art strength in the domain of design, are still becoming the important point for the architects at the fourth “their flexibility”, the architect will be capable to manage every their design project. The ability to transform the local genius in the present nuance should be explored as a part of the digital
community’s collective creativity. The collaborations between the strength creativity power and art, with the digital and cyber technology (virtuality), become a challenge at once as a profession chance for the architects at future.

Author Biography

I Ketut Siandana, Sian D‟Sain Konsultan Arsitektur

Principal Architect Sian D‟Sain Konsultan Arsitektur


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