• Putu Arya Wiastina Putra Program Studi Arsitektur, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Dwijendra
Keywords: educate, Kingdom of Bali, Puri Defense System Semarapura


The existence of the Kingdom in Bali at the time of the Kingdom was highly recognized and respected throughout the archipelago. In each kingdom the territory has to be guarded from the attacks of other kingdoms. In the defense system to guard the Kingdom area in Bali, there are 2 (two) defense systems, namely the visible defense system and the invisible. In the kingdom, Klungkung became the center of government of the kings of Bali. Raja Klungkung is the direct heir and straight descendant of the Kresna Dynasty Kepakisan. Therefore, the history of Klungkung is closely related to the kings who ruled in Samprangan and Gelgel. During the reign of the Kepakisan Dynasty in Bali, there was a twice-displacement of the royal center (1350-1908).

As for the formulation of the problem raised, namely: How is the Invisible Defense System and the Invisible Defense System implemented by the Kingdom in Bali? Limitation of the problem from identifying the problem, the author will only discuss Puri Semarapura Defense System in Klungkung Regency.

In general, the Invisible Defense System and the Invisible Eye Defense System both have the function to protect the Kingdom from enemy attacks from the outside so that the King remains safe in the palace. Related to the existence of 2 (two) defense systems, namely the invisible defense system and the invisible defense system, it is necessary for Research to use an inductive approach to the concept formulated from several elements including: results of field observations, interviews with experts / experts.

Can be concluded: The Invisible Defense System and the Invisible Defense System are a very strong Defense System that is supported by the people in guarding the Kingdom. In the Puri Semarapura Defense System research, the basic educational concept is used, where the concept is formulated from: a functional approach, and a socio-cultural background.


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