• Anak Agung Sagung Ngurah Indradewi Program Studi Ilmu Hukum, Fakultas Hukum Universitas Dwijendra
Keywords: Legal Protection, Online Business, Law on Trade Secrets


The Trade Secret Act does not explain further in the process of obtaining the rights of the Trade Secret owner in the form of an online business selling method.With the existence of an online internet media that provides a pseudo or intangible place with the vulnerability of plagiarizing a sales business without official permission by the company owner and the potential for conflicting norms with the Law on Consumer Protection.Based on the above background, there are several problem formulations. What is the mechanism for recording sales methods in online businesses to obtain rights related to trade secrets ?, and What is the form of legal protection for trade secret holders for online business? The research method used in this study, is a type of normative legal research in relation to providing an explanation of the procedure for registering the sales method and legal obligations in legal protection which are problems that are not clearly given in the Trade Secret Act.  The problem approach used in this research is to use the Legislative Approach and conceptual approach. Analysis of legal materials using analysis of legal interpretation in descriptive patterns. The results of research that has been done Legal protection of holders of Trade Secret rights is reviewed from Law Number 30 of 2000 concerning Trade Secrets, where the Act will provide protection in accordance with the needs of the owner of the Trade Secret because the product owned is closed to the public. Trade Secrets is a product that is very meaningful for businesses to run their businesses. Misuse of Trade Secret Rights can occur if the party who obtains the license of the Trade Secret right does not follow the agreement procedure that was made and also the negligence of the owner of the Trade Secret right in safeguarding the secret. The government has sought the legal protection of the owner of trade secret rights by giving the owner the freedom to register trade secrets he has by registering in accordance with the procedures of the passed legislation and if there is a violation of government trade secrets under the authority of the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights will investigate according to the procedure.


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