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Keywords: self-upload system, repository


The self-upload system of practical work reports and final assignments can improve services to students. This was revealed in a research on Student Perceptions of the Independent Upload System and ETD Access to the Repository at UGM Yogyakarta Library (Rifauddin & Halida, 2018). The perception of users to the policy of self-upload and repository ETD access is considered very appropriate given the increasing need for electronic information. In addition, taking into account the circular of the directorate general of learning and student affairs of the Ministry of Research and Technology Number: B / 323 / B.B1 / SE / 2019 concerning the publication of scholarly works of undergraduate programs, master's programs, and doctoral programs which requires universities to have a repository for the final project needs related to the final project self-upload system. By taking into account some of these things, the implementation of the Mandiri Uploads Work Practice and Final Project Report System is implemented at STMIK STIKOM Indonesia. The system was built by taking into account the needs of STMIK STIKOM Indonesia so that the report structure will be in accordance with existing rules. The system is built based on the website with the Laravel framework. Based on the analysis and planning carried out, the Mandiri Upload system can be integrated with the existing academic system at STMIK STIKOM Indonesia.


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