• I Putu Andri Permana Fakultas Bahasa Asing (FBA) Universitas Mahasaraswati
  • Ida Bagus Gede Nova Winarta Fakultas Bahasa Asing (FBA) Universitas Mahasaraswati
Keywords: Song, popular, imagery, Figurative Languages



This research is aimed at seeking and analyzing the building of imagery within the lyric of The Fight Song sung and popularized by a singer named Rachel Platten. This study is interested in uncovering further any imagery and patterns of figurative languages employed within the song to make it more powerful, motivating and inspirational to those already become the fans. The researchers chose a song for data source is due to the fact that song has become important part in our lives. We hear it everywhere, wherever we go, whatever we watch, simply in any places you find yourselves would be, song is always incorporated. To collect the data, we listened and read the lyric, trying to dive deep into the feeling of the song to pick some of the figures of speech and the imagery building blocks. All the data were all then analyzed using some theories from K.L. Knickerbocker and H. Willard Reninger (1963) in their book Interpreting Literature. To make the analysis clearer, all of examples are completed with explanation.


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